Alivi8 Portable Vaporizer by Red Eye Review

alivi8-vapeIntroducing the Alivi8 portable vaporizer. It is touted as the world’s smallest vaporizer and boasts zero heatup time. It’s one sturdy little sucker made of steel, and even includes a lifetime guarantee. These currently cost $80.56 on

The Alivi8 is manufacturer by Red Eye, who is most famous for the concentrate accessories and other metalware, which makes sense since it is made from medical grade stainless steel. The Alivi8 Colours comes in a plethora of different shades: gold, green, turquoise, stainless steel, black, turquoise, purple, pink, and red. Pretty much every color of the rainbow. It is shaped much like a wide pen, so nothing too crazy looking.

Like most portable vaporizers, The Alivi8 bowl is small, and you would need to change out for green every other hit or so, so make sure your stuff is potent. Its maze design allows the smoke to cool more before it reaches your lungs, so if you accidentally combust your herb, it may not taste so harsh.

Where to Buy the Alivi8 Portable Vaporizer

Overall, the Alivi8 portable vaporizer is totally worth the under $100 price tag. As of the day of this writing, it is on EveryoneDoesIt for just over $80. In case you didn’t know, EveryoneDoesIt accepts Bitcoin and is one of the most reputable online shops.

I highly recommend this vaporizer to anyone who has not experienced the benefits of vaporizing over smoking. For starters, vaporizing your herb gives you more of an intense high, especially if your tolerance is growing. And then when you factor in inhaling plant matter, vaporizing becomes the easy solution. Read more about it here.

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