Dr. Dabber Ghost Review

Dr. Dabber Ghost

Dr. Dabber Ghost




  • Includes a USB charger and extra atomizer
  • Lasts around 400 hits


  • Single serving

dr. dabber ghost reviewContender for Best Vape Pen

Looking much the same as the G-Pen and Dabbler, there’s much to be said for the aesthetics of the Dr. Dabber Ghost.┬áIt remains low-key with its matte black finish and its subtle identifying product name. This allows the unobtrusive usage of your medicinal oils or concentrates in public without drawing undue attention, and not incidentally, avoiding the odor which might annoy others that are nearby.

The low heat, high-resistance titanium coil is designed to attain the optimal temperature and then remain in that range for a longer period. The literature indicates that this will minimize burning or charring of your volatiles.

The basic kit comes with a second atomizer which is a nice bonus. The battery lasts for about 400 hits, so up to a couple of months of usage, depending on your own frequency, of course. Recharges in just about 2 hours.

Don’t throw away the box! When you open the box you see the Ghost well-packaged inside its protective case in dense foam, and the second coil. Remove that top tray to find the rest of your gear inside. This includes the USB adapter, which allows you to recharge it in any convenient USB outlet. It includes a tool for handling your volatiles, and a silicone ball for storing your materials.

Three glass attachments are available, one version is the Large Recycler, which you probably don’t want a carry around with you, but it makes a great piece for your home. Another piece the small, discreet Percolator is a basic water pipe, for those that like such things but adds little more than aesthetics, since the Ghost itself is already so smooth.

This last piece does have an arguable effect. It is an ornate design called the Recycler Pendant, which provides a little bit of theater, and can be worn as jewelry around your neck. The suspension point (red arrow) seems to be quite strong and resilient.

The Takeaway

On the whole, this is generally admired as a very effective unit, with a number of fans. This might be a worthy contender for your favorite vape pen.

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