EHLE Glass Bongs Guide Review

EHLE glass bongs have garnered a pretty damn good reputation since their inception in 1949. Made in Germany, each piece is made on their own premises, not outsourced to third party manufacturers, meaning you get the best quality from the very beginning. EHLE’s glass bongs/water pipes are made of high-grade borisilicate glass and come in sizes between 100 ml and 2000 ml, ranging in price from around $65 to $260 on my favorite online headshop, GrassCity.

100 ml EHLE Glass Bongs


EHLE has 3 different 100 ml glass bongs: their Clear Cylinder Bong, Ice Cylinder Bong (with an ice catcher), and the Bent Neck Clear Cylinder Bong. Each have hexagonal feet, but the ice catcher on the ice cylinder bong really is worth the extra $5. If you need a little angle to your smoke routine, you may want to look at the EHLE bent neck clear cylinder water pipe. These are only about 200g, which is not even half a pound. These EHLE glass bongs are both light, but sturdy.

2000 ml EHLE Glass Bongs


On their larger end, EHLE has a few 2000 ml glass bongs similar to their 100 ml bongs, a clear cylinder bong without an ice catcher, one with, and the famous EHLEMINATOR. The EHLEMINATOR comes with a diffiuser and a 29.2 joint size. These range between $155 to $260 (free shipping) for the EHLEMINATOR, but for its overall price, the diffuser on the EHLEMINATOR makes this bong one of EHLE’s best quality water pipes. These larger glass bongs weigh between 1450g and 1500g, which is a bit over 3 lbs. These are some pretty heavy duty glass bongs.

EHLE also has some custom bongs available on, and they’re actually moderately priced for the quality. If you’re looking for a mid-range, working class fellow’s smoking pipe, EHLE is a good starting point. They have a variety of pre-coolers and ashcatchers, making smoking a much more satisfying experience.

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