Kanger Subox Review – The Subox Nano

Kanger Subox Nano

Kanger Subox Nano




  • Goodbye, smoke smell. Doesn't this beat all?
  • Low price point
  • USB-powered


  • Battery is sold separately

kanger subox reviewOnly a complete idiot (or criminally negligent tobacco executive) would try to convince you that smoking is good for you. Nicotine is amazingly addictive, but fortunately it’s almost completely harmless to our bodies. The hundreds of compounds and additives in cigarettes are what do the damage. The increased incidence of disease and health problems made that obvious in the 1950s.

The Kanger SUBOX Nano Kit makes a terrific substitute for cigarette smoking. I’ve known several people that have completely stopped smoking since they took up vaping. And this is the perfect unit for the beginner. E-liquids containing nicotine completely suppress your craving to smoke cigarettes, so you don’t stink, your clothes don’t stink, and people don’t treat you like a troglodyte for not knowing better.

If you’re not addicted, there are still tons of amazing flavors that are nicotine free and make vaping very attractive. You could have Caramel Custard after dinner and not gain an ounce; you could any sort of berry or melon; or maybe you might like Peanut Butter Crisp.

This unit suits many styles of vaping, including low vapor to get the nicotine hit you need, or voluminous clouds of vapor because you like the effect. It has four levels of air flow, from low with hot vapor, to cool with great taste from your oil. It is fully adjustable between 7 watts and 50 watts in 1/10 watt increments.

Side note about the battery…

You need an 18650 battery (which is not included) which costs about $5-6, so order one, but make sure it is a brand name that produces 20 amps, or better yet, a 30 amp battery of just about any make. The kit comes with these parts:

  • 1 X User’s manual
  • 1 X 1.5 ohm OCC (for regular users)
  • 1 X 0.5 ohm OCC (for high wattage and lots of vapor)
  • 1 X KBOX Nano unit
  • 1 X Subtank Nano unit
  • 1 X Spare Pyrex tank (for you people with “dropsy” disease)
  • 1 X color matched Micro-USB cable

The battery door is held very securely with high power magnets. It has polarity protection if you happen to put the battery in upside-down. It has the tap-five-times-within-three-seconds to switch it on and off so it doesn’t accidentally activate in your pocket. If somehow it did activate, it will automatically shut off after 10 seconds.

It has low voltage protection and low resistance protection, as well as a low battery warning signal. You can actually charge the battery inside the unit, if you like, but most people will prefer to charge it outside the unit for safety’s sake. The big advantage with being able to plug it in is that you can continue to vape if your battery gets low, utilizing the USB power source.

On the whole, this is a respectable device. The wide power range, especially being capable of 50 W in such a small convenient unit, is stunning. The OCCs 0.5/1.5 Ω coils are more expensive than regular coils, but on the other hand they do last a very long time. For first use, make sure they’ve had lots of time to soak before you fire them up.

You might even take the first couple of hits at 20 watts to break it in. Most people are happy between 25-35 watts. Just because it can go to 50 W doesn’t mean it should. At 40 you will go through a lot of oil and refill often. If you vape dry, the cotton will ignite/burn and the coil is ruined. Make sure you always have oil over the holes.

Interesting info

Now research has started to show that nicotine may actually be good for you! There’s an old rule in science that states that correlation does not imply causation. Case studies have shown that smokers have a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease; nicotine fills in when they are short of acetylcholine, an essential brain chemical. This effect may carry over to help people with Tourette’s Syndrome, ADHD, schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s Disease.

More amazingly a helps grow new blood vessels in the extremities, and poor circulation is a problem that aflicts diabetics. Medical trials are currently underway.

Another study from 2012 showed improved memory, attention, and psychomotor speed among its benefits for cognition. It makes us think better. So be active and don’t let regulators take away our vapes because of their ignorance. Tax if you must, but save our vapes!

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