Puffit-X Puffit Vaporizer Portable Review


This Puffit Vaporizer first came onto the scene as the weed industry’s true answer to discrete medicating – an herb vaporizer shaped like a standard asthma inhaler. Now the Puffit-X, the Puffit’s successor, has taken what made the Puffit vaporizer so successful and enticing, and maximized its efficiency.

Why the Puffit Vaporizer?

The new Puffit vaporizer uses a forced air system, meaning that your herb is actually vaporized instead of combusting. This is due to a unique system where a fan forces hot air over your herb, creating a potent vapor of THC and other active ingredients – all without burning your plant.

This is very similar to how high end tabletop vaporizers like the Volcano work, and this Puffit vaporizer manages to achieve it well in a portable size.

The Puffit-X vaporizer currently comes in green, gray, and purple.

Reviewers of the upgraded Puffit-X Puffit vaporizer recommend packing the bowl loosely to get a good hit. The plastic cap that is included is meant to be fitted over the aluminum top, which typically tends to get a little hot during normal operation.

Below is a demo of how the new Puffit-X portable vaporizer works:

Where to Buy the Puffit Vaporizer?

As of the time of this writing, the Puffit vaporizer is about $100 on Grasscity (who now ships to U.S. customers from within the U.S., in case you were worried about where your package comes from. Grasscity also accepts Bitcoins).

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