Vaporizing Vs. Smoking

vaporizing vs. smoking weed

Vaporizing your herb has become increasingly popular for those who are conscious about their health. Maybe you enjoy weed, but you’re worried about cancer or diminished lung capacity. Below is a list of very good reasons you should make the switch from a pipe to a vaporizer.

  1. When you smoke, you inhale potentially harmful carcinogens that your body does not need to get high. The cannabinoids THC, CBD and CBN are the only thing you want to inhale to get the desired effects of marijuana.
  2. Inhaling and holding in smoke deprives your brain of oxygen. There is no reason to hold in smoke since THC is absorbed by the body within 5 seconds.
  3. Your weed lasts much longer. With a vaporizer, I’ve been able to make my herb last probably 3 times as long, saving me a lot of money in the end.
  4. No ash, no plant matter in your lungs. Using a vaporizer only heats your herb to below the point of combustion. Using a lighter heats it up to 3590 degrees.
  5. No more harsh rips. Vaporizing your weed only puts out… you guessed it, vapor. Vapor is warm and smooth and tastes much better than hot smoke.

If you find that vaporizing for a while no longer gives you the desired high you used to get, you should switch it up. Use a water pipe for a little while (THC is not water soluble), then go back to vaping. Try not to use hand pipe or joint unless you want to increase your cancer chances. You can find a wide selection of reputable brands of vaporizers such as Volcano, Iolite, and Roor.

Better safe than sorry!

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